Spring Break Service Trips


From Athens, Georgia, on March 19, 2017, taking you from counties to countries, you’re listening to travel and tourism news with Gabrielle Cowand.

For college students across America, the month of March brings the joy of spring break, and many students chose to use their week off as a chance to serve others. At the University of Georgia, multiple organizations from across campus took the break as an opportunity to travel across the United States and across the world to give back to different communities.

As a participant in one of many church group spring break mission trips, Morgan Knowles traveled with UGA’s Baptist Campus Ministry to Savannah, Georgia.

“We got to do a lot of service projects there like painting a church and serving homeless people at the Salvation Army and also reorganizing their pantry, which was a huge project.”

As Kimberly Stier explains, who took a trip to Cuba with the UGA Catholic Center this year, service trips are a great chance to explore other cultures.

“We stayed with some friars down there in Havana and I feel like I have six new brothers. Even though we had that language barrier I felt like I got so close to them in such a short amount of time.”

David Briones, director of collegiate activities at the Catholic Center, has planned nearly 50 service trips over the past eight years. He hopes students will use their experiences to impact their own communities.

“First of all, I want them to have a relationship with people at UGA and then within our community here at the Catholic Center, but also to have an understanding of the issues; and so that’s what we want. I mean you come back and you say okay, I want to take action and I want to educate people, but I also want to do something to help them. That’s the goal.”

No matter where they go or what they do; all service trip participants can agree that they’ve had a Spring Break that they will never forget.

For travel and tourism news, I’m Gabrielle Cowand.


This post was written by Gabrielle Cowand. Follow her on Twitter @gabriellecowand.


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